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reason to cheat on your partner

5 reasons to cheat and why you shouldn’t

Are you getting too comfortable with your partner? Do you feel you are drifting apart? Are you thinking of doing dirty things to your woman, but you just don't dare to talk to her about it? Here are 5 reasons to cheat on your partner (and why you shouldn't)! ...

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sharing sexy pictures couple of secrets

Complicity in Pictures

Sharing sexy pictures with your partner can imply a strong complicity. Because even when he sees an impressive woman half-naked, he is thinking of me: how good that underwear would look on me; how sexy a picture of me in that same pose would be. In many ways, it is...

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women's day

Have a sexy Women’s Day!

This year on Women’s Day I chose to focus on sexual fulfilment. It is the ultimate expression of an independent woman who is in full control of her choices and who is free to deploy her sexuality without hesitations or fear. Wherever you are, tell us in two words, what does...

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