The corset | Tips on buying underwear for your lover

buying underwear for you lover

The corset | Tips on buying underwear for your lover

Buying underwear for your lover can be relatively easy. You know the size, you pick the brand and you choose what you would like to see her in. I have done that before and Aliki certainly appreciates it. It is much harder though to identify that one object of desire that fits your partner like a glove. I am referring to that one piece that seems to have been made for her; the one that becomes sexy and sensual the moment she puts it on.

Last December I wanted an object of beauty: something delicate, intricate and unique. Just like Aliki. I had been looking around for sometime and was verging on the desperate. Jewellery was out of the question as I had already given Aliki a ring. I briefly contemplated sex toys, but Aliki had already procured herself quite a few, including a pair of exquisite nipple pasties. So I knew it had to be underwear. But what?

My problem was solved the moment I walked into an Aubade shop in France. It was the last item in stock, cost as much as a weekend break but I knew I had to have it. The corset was simply  made for Aliki. It was black as the most sensual of nights and embellished with detailed embroidery without being overly dense. In its sensuous form it looked ready to embrace Aliki’s silhouette and be enhanced by it.

Here are my 5 top tips for buying underwear for your lover:

1. Keep it simple

You are the best placed to know your partner’s tastes, of course, but a good rule is to go for things which are simple both in style and design. That way you avoid being kitch and you will make sure that it is your partner who stands out in the underwear not the opposite.

2. Buy it for her, not for you

The biggest temptation is to look around and choose the item that you mostly fantasise about. Although it is not prohibited to choose underwear that you like, make sure to buy one that fits your partner’s tastes, style and body. You want her to feel comfortable in what she is wearing. Otherwise none of you will enjoy the experience!

3. Don’t be overly practical

Don’t necessarily think in terms of usage. You are not buying a gift for you mother and your partner is perfectly capable of buying her own underwear for daily use.  So don’t let the thought “when will she ever use that?” cloud your judgment and keep you back. The whole point is to buy her something special and unique.

4. Brands matter

Cost doesn’t necessarily mean quality and design, but good quality and beauty normally come at a price. Make sure you have a look at what different brands offer and choose that brand that fits her tastes and style most. Some of the brands that I like for Aliki are Agent Provocateur, Aubade and Amoralle.

5. Never go for gift vouchers

This is a big no-no when buying underwear for your lover. I know that with a voucher she can get whatever she desires, but she probably doesn’t need your money to buy her own underwear. She needs your attention and she needs to know that she has man who truly knows her.

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