The Couple of Secrets Sextival 2018

Sextival Couple of Secrets

The Couple of Secrets Sextival 2018

Summer recess is in full swing and Xander and I, like everybody around us, are making the best out of it: spending time in our home countries, seeing family and old friends, chasing disobedient offspring on the beach and, in between, engaging in all those sexy habits that summer evokes.

But that’s hardly all. For Xander and I, August, the peak of Summer frenzy, means one thing: our own personal Sextival.

What is the Sextival?

This will be our third Sextival in a row. Two whole weeks specifically devoted to sex. Which is not to say that we haven’t had sex for the rest of the year. Quite the contrary. We have had plenty, it was even one of our New Year’s resolutions! The Sextival is different though. You know all the things you’ve been meaning to do or you’ve been fantasising about with your partner, but you never seem to have the time or the opportunity to fulfil? The things that make your libido gauge hit red but are just outside your comfort zone? The things that you never concretely plan after the heat of the moment has passed? These are exactly the kind of experiences to plan during the Sextival.

It all started casually a couple of years ago. I was on the beach with the girlfriends back home and the only thing I seemed to be able to think of was Xander and I (and guest-stars) having sex in all possible angles and combinations. The distance allowed us only Sexting, cybersex and masturbating, which only led us to the verge of frustration. It was in this atmosphere of sexual frenzy that we started planning all the naughty things we would do to each other once we would set foot in the same country. I don’t even remember who used the word first, as a joke to start with. But soon we were casually referring to these ten days we had for ourselves as the Sextival. The rest is history…

Why have a Sextival?

By now you will know that sex for Xander and me is not simply a matter of habit. We firmly believe that a healthy sex life involves talking, fantasising and planning. After all, we all take time planning our summer holidays, dreaming of all the new places we want to see, booking hotels and making travel arrangements. Why not devote a proportional amount of energy to planning our sexual life?

You might argue that sex is a natural need, much like hunger really. Why plan having sex? You can just have it when you feel like it. Your hormones will ring a bell when the time comes. I beg to differ. You see, your body keeps reminding you regularly it needs to be fed by making you hungry. What you do with the feeling of hunger is another story though. You can stuff yourself with a tasteless, greasy pre-packed meal while standing above your kitchen sink (I can!). Or you can take the time to find a recipe that tempts you, buy the ingredients and prepare a meal to savour by candlelight with a glass of fine wine. It’s a choice. The latter takes some energy, time and planning. But the result is profoundly more satisfying.

Sextival 2018 (15 to 20 August 2018)

So our plans for this year include:

  • a visit at our favourite tantric massage studio -for the first time not with Mary but with her husband Thierry.
  • a second professional photoshoot at a private venue for what we hope will be a more intimate experience.
  • a professional prostate massage for Xander.
  • meeting up with one or two other couples who are in the swingers lifestyle and
  • taking a whole weekend to discover the erotic side of Amsterdam!

We still fantasise about loads of stuff we want to do and the programme is not set in stone, but this is where we are at now in any case. And, let me tell you, we can’t wait!

You can join us!

We don’t actually mean physically sharing our bed (although we would not say no if we happen to cross). But we would like couples all over to join us in dedicating these two weeks to quality, planned and wild sex. Are you in?

And then we would definitely like to hear what you have done for your Couple of Secrets Sextival 2018!

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