The girl from Argentina

The girl from Argentina Couple of Secrets

The girl from Argentina

On a night out at Fata Morgana I kissed a sexy girl from Argentina.

Today, Xander and I were thinking of an incident that took place in what must have been one of our first times at Fata Morgana. Nothing big or meaningful really; more of the kind of anecdote you tell friends after a few glasses of wine, an event brought about by circumstances mostly.

It must have been around four in the morning and Xander and I were at the bar for one last drink. We had already had plenty of fun and excitement that night and though the party was still in full swing, we were feeling pretty exhausted.

While we were chatting, I felt my eyelids getting heavier with sleep. Xander must have noticed because he turned to me finishing the last sip of his whiskey.

‘Shall we go, babe? You look tired.’

‘Yes, I suppose, love, I am ready to go to bed.’

‘I’ll go to the toilet and then we’ll make a move?’

As he was saying that, he noticed a bald guy at the bar looking at me. It was a guy I had had eye contact with at several instances during the evening. He was standing next to his girlfriend, having a drink when his eyes fell on me again; not flirting, just noticing me.

‘And steer away from the bald guy while I am at the loo!’ Xander teased me playfully. ‘In fact, stay away from all men, while I am not next to you. The only person you are allowed to talk to is her!’ he nodded in the direction of the bald guy’s girlfriend. ‘Her you can even kiss if you feel like it!’ he joked on his way to the toilet.

‘Whatever, Xander, go pee and don’t worry. I will keep the fort standing while you are at it.’ I replied solemnly.

Couple of Secrets bar

Xander had barely turned his back though when I felt the guy approaching me. Oh-oh. Would I actually have to defend the fort?

‘Hi, there.’ he greeted me casually. ‘I am Joost and this is my girlfriend, Sara.’

‘Nice to meet you both. Where are you from Sara?’

‘I am from Buenos Aires, but I live in Amsterdam. And you?’

‘I am Aliki and I’m here with my boyfriend is Xander. We are only staying for the weekend. Amsterdam is a great city, don’t you think?’

‘The only thing I can think of right now, Aliki, is that I want to kiss you.’ she replied pulling me softly by the waist towards her.

We started kissing tentatively. Cautiously I let my hands wander over her body. Felt her smooth skin, her light scent and the contours of her small firm breasts. I liked the way she moved and kissed. I felt her tongue in my mouth as our kiss became more passionate. Her boyfriend joined in, holding her from behind and kissing her neck. At some point, Xander returned from the toilet and I felt him embracing me and joining our kiss. The whole episode lasted no more than five minutes. And then it was over, as smoothly as it had started.

‘I like you.’ I told Sara before we made our way out.

‘I like you too.’ she replied.

I turned to Xander. He was smiling, his face a mixture of puzzlement and admiration.

‘What?’ I asked him trying to keep a serious face. ‘You told me I could kiss her, didn’t you?’


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