The man in the mirror | A DIY erotic photoshoot

erotic photoshoot corset

The man in the mirror | A DIY erotic photoshoot

A home-made erotic photoshoot: Guest post by A&S

Suddenly I realise that the evening I’ve been expecting all this time has come. Friday evening. I am driving with my woman back home; at last, she is back, after a whole week of working abroad. The atmosphere in the car is pleasantly charged. Once we exit the highway and the car enters the dark alley leading to my place, we both get less chatty, exchanging only laconic sentences. I feel extremely self-conscious: for all my excitement I try to play cool, she can’t notice my nervousness! The last few minutes I turn completely silent, casting only fleeting looks sideways, at her blond hair, at her beautiful legs.

We have a special date tonight. Not only with each other, but also with the new studio strobes I installed earlier at my place. When I first suggested a home-made erotic photoshoot a couple of weeks ago, in bed, she giggled excitedly. She doesn’t have any experience in modelling, but I know deep inside that with those sensual curves, with that face, she will look like a goddess. If only she gets over her natural shyness and inhibitions; I am sure that if I create the right environment, she will ease into it.

I’ve done my research. I won’t let the fact that I am an amateur hold me back. I’ve googled erotic photoshoot and combed through all the tips I could find on naked photography. I’ve installed the new lighting set and the softbox; my guitar and the other accessories I have planned to use tonight are strategically placed, waiting for the two of us to come back. The bedroom, with its white walls and heavy black curtains, has been transformed into a true studio. My Nikon D7000 is all set and ready to start capturing her sexy form.

erotic fotoshoot guitar

I pour my girl a glass of white wine as we come in. I touch her soft skin and kiss her slowly before I take her hand and lead her into the large bathroom. Tonight it will serve both as changing room and makeup room. I have set out on her boudoir all she needs: her corsets, her kinky underwear, her breast pasties, the latex uniform and mask, the whip and the handcuffs. I can’t wait to start giving her instructions: what to put on, what to take off, how to bend over and turn her beautiful round breasts towards my lens.

Although I am dying to touch her, I know that there will be no holding back once I start. I decide to show character; I turn around to give her the privacy she needs to prepare. As I close the door behind me, I glance at the man looking back from the large mirror on the wall. The lucky bastard!

Photocredit:  A&S – actual pictures from the erotic photoshoot

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