The Nymph: the woman with no name

Nymph Couple of Secrets

The Nymph: the woman with no name

It was a uniquely sexy Killing Kittens party. An androgynous delicate Satyr, its naked body flecked with sparkling gold dust, eyed us seductively as he passed by. He was immediately lost in the beautiful crowd, only his curled horns visible above the sea of masks and crowns. Aliki stood next to me mesmerized by the gyrating hips of the naked pole dancer. She had the pole firmly between her haunches and was tilting sideways in an impressive display of physical strength and sexiness. Her taut buttocks appealed to the love of my life; I could see it in her sparkling eyes. My blood was bubbling.

I took Aliki’s hand and led her past the dancing Siren in the water tank and on towards the love-making area. It was a simple space: a cosily decorated marquee tent with a square, black leather day-bed in the middle.

– There’s only one other couple having sex, baby. Shouldn’t we wait a bit?’

It was only her mind that hesitated. Her bulging nipples and short breath gave her body away.

-‘If you can wait, we wait.’ I whispered to her, holding her close so that she could feel the physical manifestation of my desire pressing against her.

It was, of course, only a rhetorical question.

As I heaved myself on top of my lover, I could see a few people trickling into the tent to watch. It was a first for us. We had never ‘opened the dance’ as it were. Although that title technically went to the brave couple that was there before us. Still, I couldn’t help the shiver of added excitement at being the object of open voyeurism. A few of the couples were clearly feeling the heat, and clothes started to slowly come off.

It was then that I noticed her.

She was on her own, slightly distanced from the other couples, in a dark corner. A Nymph. Tall long legs, stilettoes, a curvy body and shoulder-length, black wavy hair. From her face I could only make out the big lips. The rest was covered by a black satin mask, abiding strictly by the rules of the party.

-‘There’s a woman watching us.’ I whispered to Aliki, ‘I bet she’s dying to join in…’

I am not sure what made me say that. It was some kind of animalistic gut feeling; perhaps pheromones.

-‘Ask her to join, baby.’

-‘It’s a woman’s job, my love. I don’t want to send out the wrong message.’ Aliki is all I need and I didn’t want to give any other impression.

Aliki tilted her eyes backwards to get a glimpse. She then pushed me off gently and, naked as she was, crossed the tent towards the woman and kissed her deeply. No words were exchanged. Just an act. I sat watching the scene unfold slowly, admiring the beauty of my nude partner in the passionate embrace of another woman, fully dressed. Then, delicately detaching herself, Aliki took the woman by her hand and brought her over.

I stood up to welcome them and between the two of us, Aliki and I proceeded to kiss and undress our Nymph at the same time. She let us do, giving herself willingly. Her skin smelled flowery and tasted different: new and unknown. As we worked our way around her, Aliki and I kept eye contact, occasionally kissing when our lips met across the same patch of foreign skin. Once the woman was completely naked, we laid her back on the sofa, and I left her for Aliki.

Aliki has a way with women. I haven’t seen a single one who doesn’t melt under the sensual touch of my baby. Our Nymph was no exception. She was completely engrossed in the sensuous body of my partner; kissing, licking, biting. At times gently, but progressively harder and more aggressively. At no point, however, did I feel left out. Aliki made sure of that. One hand was always on me and the looks she was constantly giving me were clear in their message. ‘ I hope you’re enjoying this, my love’.

It was all a blur. All I have in my head are glimpses: Aliki and I sharing the woman’s breasts, the latter moaning and shuddering, Aliki riding me while playing with her. It was veritable meeting of bodies. When we were finished, all three of us glistening with sweat and chests heaving, we realised that we were no longer alone. Around us there was not one inch of space that was not filled with cavorting bodies. The first dance had worked.

We have never met our Nymph again, not even for the rest of the evening. She was lost in the crowd and we did not look for her. We didn’t even know her name, and she didn’t know ours. On our way out however, she came out from behind the table and the cornucopia and kissed Aliki deeply one final time.

Just as with the first encounter, there were no words. Just action.


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