The stranger | A sexual roleplay

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The stranger | A sexual roleplay

She walked up to me, boldly. A smile played at the edge of her luscious lips.

– ‘Waiting for someone?’

I took a sip of my Talisker, calmly. It afforded me a moment to study her. Long black hair, dark penetrating eyes, a tight burgundy turtle-neck hugging the contours of her bosom and a black leather skirt. The overall effect was sexy without being vulgar. I liked her.

– ‘No. Just finishing my drink.’ I replied putting down the glass.

I swivelled on the bar-stool to face her and inhaled her masculine perfume. It aroused me. If she noticed the bulge in my crotch, she did not let it show.

She fixed my eyes intently. Then took my whisky, raised the glass to her lips and, without breaking the eye contact, she finished the contents.

– ‘Looks like it is finished. Now, you can either order another one or …’

– ‘Or?’

– ‘You can come to mine…’

– ‘Direct…’

– ‘What’s the point in dithering?’

* * * *

The bed was solid but it still rocked and squeaked. She was on her knees, her perfectly shaped tits swinging wildly. With one hand I cupped one of them, squeezing hard. With the other I pulled her hair back and whispered in her ear.

– ‘You are one delicious bitch!’

She moaned.

– ‘Just for tonight I am your bitch.’

– ‘Just for tonight?’ I panted.

– ‘My husband comes back tomorrow.’

She broke free, turned around facing me and wrapped her legs around me.

– ‘He doesn’t fuck you enough?’ I eased myself inside her.

– ‘Every day. It’s just not enough.’

I raised the tempo and she matched it. A few moments later exhausted, we collapsed in each other’s arms. Two perfect strangers. So familiar and so in love.


– ‘That was so good!’ Aliki was beaming. Her heart pumped against my bare chest.

I chuckled. ‘It was! I have never done role-playing before’.

– ‘Me neither. But I think we have opened a new door there, baby!’

I laughed and then kissed the love of my life deeply. I felt complete, as I often do when Aliki is next to me. I felt lucky to have a partner with whom I could explore so many things. Then an idea struck me:

– ‘We should give each other names when we are role-playing!’

– ‘And what will you call me?

– ‘Hmmm… ‘ I thought for a second. ‘Thea. I will call you Thea. And you?’

– ‘Nothing… you will be just a stranger I picked at a bar’.

I started getting aroused again at the thought.

– ‘Ok Thea… I hope you’re not too tired, because I am just getting started and your husband will not be coming home until tomorrow!’

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