The Womanizer

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The Womanizer

If you don’t know what a womanizer is, maybe you too need to update your sex toys collection!

I first heard the term womanizer mentioned at a club by a female friend. And yes, by club I mean swingers club. We were changing into our lingerie and I was admiring her high-heeled sandals and see-through top, as she was casually chatting about sex toys.

‘I am always up for a good, sturdy vibrator or just a plain dildo. It’s all good and nice, but nothing compares to the womanizer! Have you ever tried it?’ she asked me and squealed with excitement, clapping her hands, when I told her I was not even sure what a womanizer was. Apart from, erm, a guy who runs after every beautiful woman he sees?

‘Oh-la-la, Aliki, no, you have to try it, you just have to. It’s like nothing you have ever had before in your life.’

Xander and I have our fair amount of sex gadgets and we have spent many happy hours with most of them, but, in all honesty, I cannot claim to have ever been so overly enthusiastic about any of them. I am curious about anything new, of course, but over the next few weeks, I forgot our conversation and the strangely named sex toy.

The view of a professional

Until some weeks ago, when we visited again Mary’s tantric studio. After the massage, as it is often the case, we found ourselves spending some time chatting casually with Mary. About our blog, about her work and how she started and about how it had affected her personal and family life. Until the W-word was dropped again.

‘You don’t know what a womanizer is? Let me go fetch one and show you!’ she told me and rushed out of the room to return only a minute later with one of them in her hands.

‘I could not believe what was happening the first time I tried it out! I was together with my husband and I ended up having not one, not two, but six orgasms in one evening! This has never happened to me, ever in my life. We now use it in the studio on women who cannot reach orgasm, in order to stimulate the nerves. It is amazing what it can do!’

This time I have to admit I was impressed. If the goddess of sensuality herself admits to never have tried anything so pleasurable, who am I to refuse it? Plus, its elegant shape intrigued me. That and the fact that it is a toy specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris and not just to penetrate the vagina.

‘Baby, I think I will get one of these womanizers to try, I am really curious now. And it would be nice to review it for the blog, wouldn’t it?’ I declared to Xander soon afterwards.

‘I don’t know, Aliki, I am not sure… I am somehow afraid of it.’

‘What do you mean, love? Afraid of a sex toy?’

‘Yes… When you hear all these women talking so enthusiastically about it. I am afraid that you might get hooked to it and not want me anymore!’

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