Till Valentine’s do us part

Till Valentine’s do us part

This year’s Valentine’s day will be the first since we set up Couple of Secrets. How will we spend it? Unfortunately, apart. We will be in separate countries; which is not the end of the world because we do not quite celebrate Valentine’s day. Or rather we do, just not necessarily on February 14th. In fact, a year has 365 potential Valentine’s days, and we try to cram in as many as we can! It would be very sad indeed to just have one day a year to celebrate your love and sex life, don’t you think?!

Still, it’s good to have an extra excuse to pamper your partner and give him/her an extra climax (or two). So here’s what we would do to each other if we were to be together this Valentine’s day. Perhaps it might inspire you…


If I had Aliki for myself on February 14th I would start by surprising her with a nice bouquet of flowers at some point during the day. Not roses: too cliché. Something wilder. Perhaps peonies (and that’s not a pun). I would deliver them personally at her work, with a half-bottle of champagne. It would make her blush, I know, but it’s good to redden your partner’s cheeks every once in a while.

Come evening I would cook for her. Nothing heavy. We wouldn’t want a food coma to come in the way of a few hours of good sex. I would go for vodka-spiked cherry tomatoes and salmon carpaccio for starters, followed by mussels in white wine for mains. All accompanied by a good Chablis, candle light and Joao Gilberto’s soporific voice.

As a present I would choose something sensual but not over the top: a silk blind-fold and a feather. And of course I would use them immediately. I would start softly: running the feather all over her skin, titillating her breasts, brushing her neck behind the ears, the cleft of her beautiful buttocks and between her legs. Then I’d move on to sensual oils, always keeping the blind fold on. Then, at a moment of my choosing, I would take her. And after a while I would notch it up- most probably reddening her other cheeks too. I know she loves it.


Although I am not too fond of imposed celebrations, I have decided that if we were to celebrate anyway, I would not be content with only one day. No, if I’d do it, I’d do it right.  I’d organise a full Valentine’s weekend.

I’d pick a small hut somewhere in the mountains. I’d load the car with red wine, cheese, prosciutto, chocolate, books and a laptop with our favourite series. I’d be sure not to forget the massage oil, our favourite sex toys and the new choker Xander hasn’t seen on yet. And I’d take my partner away from everything for a couple of days.

We’d have a weekend of non-stop lovemaking, interspersed with lazy siestas, reading and writing in each other’s arms, cooking and eating and taking walks in the icy white surroundings, only to come back and continue the sex marathon. The more time passes by with Xander, the more time we need to fully relieve our sexual energy; one or two quick orgasms don’t suffice. As for my gift to him? Something he has been fantasing for some time: a fancy Martini glass for him to fill up at will (see: #365daysofgoodsex)

What about you? What would you do with your loved one if you had carte blanche for a day or two?

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