Vibease Review 2020 – Should You Buy It OR Not?

Vibease Review 2020 – Should You Buy It OR Not?

Vibease is a wearable, discrete vibrator for remote play with your partner and for solo pleasure. Here’s our independent Vibease review.


There are a lot of vibrators out there, but not many can claim to come with their own app and audio library to discover. It was a new experience for me and I thoroughly enjoyed trying on Vibease both on my own and with Xander. Read below our Vibease review with all the things you should know about this remote control vibrator.


Couple of Secrets Vibease Review: The sex toy at a glance

  • Wearable, lightweight & quiet vibrator
  • Easy control system through the device or the app
  • Phone pairing to vibrate in sync with audio erotica
  • Couples play with remote control from partner’s phone
  • USB rechargeable
  • High-quality, body-safe material
  • Waterproof, wireless design


Introducing Vibease

The Vibease was the first wearable vibrator I got to try. I had plenty of questions! How do you wear it? Where do you place it exactly? Does it risk falling off your pants while you walk? Would other people next to you hear it when it’s on? How do you communicate with your partner while s/he remote controls it?

It was all a mystery to me. But first things, first.

What’s in the box

You’ll receive the Vibease in discrete, simple packaging. The box contains only the necessary: the sex toy itself, a USB cable, a silk pouch for storage (chic!) and a short user manual for reference. 

The first time around you have to charge your Vibease for some hours, but after that, its battery charges fast and lasts up to 3 hours. Once you’ve completed the first charging, you are good to go!

Our indipendent vibease review

Wearing the Vibease

That’s where things got slightly complicated for me. 

Was I supposed to insert Vibease in the vulva? The tip on one side is clearly designed to reach the clit, so probably no. But then again, if it’s not inserted it will fall off, won’t it?

After some experimenting and research, I came to the conclusion that the Vibease is worn externally, the silicone tip side against the clit and the flat side at the entrance of the vulva.

Of course, nothing prevents you from wearing it upside-down if you prefer the flat part against your clit. Your body, your choice. 

I guess, just choose a tight underwear and a not too tight pair of trousers on top of it!



Vibease’s controls are quite straightforward.

First of all, Vibease is a hands-free vibrator.

The toy itself has two buttons, one to switch on and off and one to alternate between vibration modes. 

When using the app you can also control the intensity and speed through your touch screen. 

Last, but definitely not least, your partner can remote control your Vibease to give you the opportunity to play from distance.


Noise level

There is nothing worse for eroticism than a noisy sex toy, right?

Plus the whole point of a lightweight, wearable vibrator is for you to be able to use it discreetly.

Vibease is a very, very silent vibrator and will allow you to play in public. Make sure there’s some background noise, though. In a dead-quiet room, your colleague/ friend/ Mom will be able to hear it if they are close to you. 


Quality/ material

The Vibease vibrator is made out of non-porous, medical-grade silicone. It’s non-toxic and, according to its makers, entirely body-safe.

It comes only in two colours, pink and purple. Not that colours really matter, but then again some novelty is always welcome. How about a gold Vibease, guys?


The Vibease app

I loved moving around the bubbles on the app interface, all bouncy and cheeky!

The Vibease app

The most impressive feature of the Vibease is the app it comes with. It’s an original and well-executed idea with multiple advantages.

a. you get to control your toy hands-free with the app.

b. your partner gets to control your toy through his/ her smartphone

c. and more importantly, you get access to Vibease’s erotic audio library for synchronised vibrations.


Solo use

If, like me, you don’t have much experience in audio erotica (yes, yes, this is a thing!) you might need some time to navigate through the Vibease library. Mostly to find your taste in audio erotica.

At this point, let me inform you that though some of the audio files are for free, most of them you need to purchase with Vibease credit.

I’ll admit I was slightly put off at first. The who’s-your-Daddy fantasy that featured in the first files I tried just doesn’t work for me. Some of the other samples just felt forced to me.

However, after a couple of attempts, I found an audio file that did sound exciting. And before I knew it, bingo! I was sold.

When I told Xander of the credit system he replied: Hey, why would anyone go buy content if there are audio files available for free?

The answer is easy. Why does one ever buy or rent a new porn movie? Because you want variety and choice and the element of surprise sometimes too.

Plus, it seems that the audio erotica market is a large one and in time you might develop your personal taste in terms of scenarios and actors: voices, sex, accents -the British one seems to be very much in demand. And since he learnt that, Xander has been practising his Queen’s English.


Couple use

Xander and I do not have a long-distance relationship but I imagine that Vibease would come very handy (excuse the pun) in an LDR. However, we still enjoyed the idea of me wearing it on an evening we spent apart.

So after some sexting, Xander decided to give it a go and remote control the Vibease for me. It worked well and I’ll admit I missed parts of the film I was watching. There was no happy culmination for me that evening but it was an altogether pleasurable experience and a connecting moment for us! 

Vibease Review - Is This Vibrator Worth the Money?


Value for Money

At $119  – plus shipment cost – Vibease is a high-end product. Over and above the purchase price, keep in mind that, if you want to explore the audio erotica files, you’ll have to purchase credit as well.

So, is it worth its money? The Vibease is a versatile, lightweight, wearable toy, both intended for solo use (using the audio library or not) and -to some extent- for couple play. If that’s what you are looking for, then Vibease is definitely worth its money.


Couple of Secret’s verdict

We have enjoyed discovering Vibease and the audio library that comes with its app. It is a lightweight, wearable vibrator we intend to use regularly, especially when we are apart for some days. We loved its soft touch and its playful looks and would not hesitate to recommend it to friends and readers.

Did our Vibease review help you? Have you tried the Vibease sex toy? Did it work for you? Let us know about your impressions and rate the product below!


Where to buy your Vibease 

If you would like to buy Vibease, we would appreciate if you buy it through our website . You will also be helping us maintain Couple of Secrets!


This is an independent review, not a sponsored one. We have not received any payment or any other form of compensation for the review written above. The supplier may have provided us with a free sample of the product for the purposes of this review.

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-High-quality materials
-Limited partner interaction functions
-Pricey (Vibease and, optionally, audio files access)
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Value for money


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