Hot Shot | A professional photoshoot with your lover

Hot Shot | A professional photoshoot with your lover

There are plenty of ideas for birthday presents, but what about a professional photoshoot with your lover?

One of our most memorable erotic experiences with Xander has been the two hours spent half-naked together with Cristina de la Madera at her studio. I know what you are thinking of and I am gonna have to stop you right there. Cristina is a photographer.

A birthday present to remember

Xander and I talk a lot about our sexual fantasies. We had already tried some homemade pictures, but we had been dreaming of having our pictures taken by a professional photographer. We are after all very visual types and appreciate beauty in every form. So last year, just before Xander’s birthday, I came up with a cunning plan: his birthday present was going to be a professional photoshoot. Really proud of my idea, I was already dreaming of sexy pictures of us laughing, touching and kissing each other.

But how do you go about finding the right place to make this wish come true?

My online search quest

The internet is full of studios offering couple sessions. These are mostly the wedding-album style of pictures, the kind you’d make to display to friends and family during Christmas dinners. Some of these photographers are really good too. Just not at all what I had in mind. I didn’t want romantic pictures for an ‘ahh, you are so cute together’ effect. I wanted the daring kind of photographs: pictures that would cause your spinster aunt to choke and your mother-in-law to have apoplexy.

Then you can get alternative photographers. Revealing pictures -possibly videos too- meant for models, escorts but also laypeople like us. No restraints and inhibitions here. You can choose to go as far as you want. But somehow I didn’t feel like immortalising explicit details either.

‘Hell’, I remember thinking to myself, ‘how do I get nudity without vulgarity, sensuality without an in-your-face close-up of my delicate body parts?’

I just longed for an artistic photoshoot capturing the imperceptible aura between the two of us when we touch and look at each other. And if my suspenders would show too, it wouldn’t hurt either.

Couple of Secrets photoshoot

Our first professional photoshoot remains till this day one of our most erotic experiences


Our first professional photoshoot

And so when I bumped into Cristina de la Madera’s site I knew straight away that I was at the right place. Cristina has not only worked for a plethora of magazines and events but also for private customers, like us. Her work is respectful but tantalising, always with exactly the right amount of provocation and artistic beauty.

We didn’t know what to expect when we arrived at her studio. Xander felt instantly at ease and even had his own suggestions to make. As for me, having more than 2.000 pictures taken in something less than two hours while changing into different sets of lingerie, was both exciting and at times awkward.

The result though has certainly surpassed our expectations. Through her lens, Cristina captured exactly what we had wished for. The photoshoot was in fact one of our most intimate erotic experiences ever. In fact, these pictures still take our breath away each time we see them. ‘My God, you look so in love!’ was the spontaneous first reaction of Xander’s best friend when he showed her a couple of the best pictures.

Mission accomplished! Happy birthday, babe!

 Photo credit: Cristina de la Madera

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